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Front Runner has the perfect solution for any camp kitchen or in the home. Can be used where storage space is at a premium. Food-grade flexible silicone folds into itself flat for compact packing.

• The silicone can withstand temperatures of hot foods, hot surfaces, and even baking/reheating up to 440° Fahrenheit. The FlatPack Kitchenware Set also performs in temperatures as low as - 40° Fahrenheit

• The sides are flexible, so pouring liquids is easy.

• Non-toxic and eco-friendly.

• Microwave, Oven, refrigerator, Freezer and Dishwasher safe!

• No stick surface.

• Easy clean up using soap and water.

• Comes stacked in a reusable netted drawstring storage bag.   Perfect for letting the kitchenware dry while on the road.  


• The storage containers with lids can be used to store smaller amounts of food by only expanding the containers the amount needed. This is perfect for when fridge/cooler space is at a premium.


• Unlike metal bowls and storage containers, the FlatPack Kitcheware Set is long lasting and corrosion resistant.

• Collapsible for easy packing, yet made to retain their shape, these bowls are perfect for preparing and serving a gourmet meal anywhere.

 You get: 
1 large mixing/serving bowl
1 medium mixing/serving bowl
1 large colander/strainer
2 storage containers with lids
2 cups
1 funnel

•Do not cut on these surfaces. Knives may damage product.
•Not for direct contact with open flames
•Clean with a cloth or sponge. Do not use a scouring pad.
•No Not exceed allowed temperature range (-40° F to 440° F)

  • Item #: KITC025
  • Manufacturer: Front Runner


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