Eezi Awn Jazz Roof Top Tent
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Eezi Awn Jazz Roof Top Tent

The all new Eezi-Awn Jazz is a value packed Roof Top Tent. It is made on the same production line as the legendary Series 3 and XKLUSIV T-Top models, with a few changes that help make it a more budget conscious choice, but still an Eezi-Awn.

The Similarities

You will notice that there are a great deal of similarities between the Jazz and the traditional Series 3 line of tents. There are quite a few. Both tents use the sand construction line in the factory, so the same great craftsmen create both tent. The platform boards that make up the sleeping area are made of the same material. The netting used in all the windows and doors is the same weight and density. Both models utilize YKK zippers throughout, and share the same thickness PVC rainfly material. The material in the PVC covers is the same too. Even the ladder is the same.

The Differences

Here are some of the differences you will see in the Jazz versus the Series 3 line up. This model is available in a 1400mm (55”) width, similar in size to most of the competition. It utilizes a multi-directional mounting extrusion system, allowing the user to change the direction of the mounting extrusions on the bottom of the tent depending on desired rotation on the roof of the vehicle. The Jazz is made of 260 gram poly rip stop Teflon coated material, similar to what is used by other well known South African brands.  It incorporates the window shades into the PVC rainfly instead of the separate window shade seen on the Series 3. A combination of features that remains true to the quality of an Eezi-Awn at a very competitive price. The Jazz is constructed in a great looking two tone forest green and beige combination. The sandstone and beige combination seen in the photos is available by special order.

The Value

Eezi-Awn is internationally known as the benchmark by which other Roof Top Tent brands are compared. The Series 3 and XKLUSIV T-Top lines are built to withstand the worst Mother Nature can dish out. They are the preferred choice of international travelers. But not everyone is planning to drive around the world. This is the where the value of the Jazz shines through. It offers all the quality, craftsmenship and legend of Eezi-Awn in a very price minded tent. It is packed with features, and will last for years. The perfect choice for those looking for serious quality and a very attainable price.


Item #1605
Dimensions (closed) 48"L x 55"W x 11"H
Dimensions (open) 96"L x 55"W x 51"H
Dimensions (clearance) Add 2-3" to closed length and width for fabric and cover
Weight 110 lbs, including ladder
Tent Material 260 gram poly cotton rip stop Teflon coated
Mattress 2-1/2" fabric covered foam
Comparable width Double size bed
Color Two Tone Forest Green and Beige, Sandstone and Beige model shown available by special order
Options Ladder Extension
Item EZA130


  • Item #: EZA130
  • Manufacturer: Eezi Awn

Eezi Awn Jazz Roof Top Tent

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