ArkPak Bundle
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Get the lot! Fantastic special bundle offer to start the New Year. 

  • First you get the amazing The ArkPak Portable Power Source

  • Then you get the very handy 12V DC-DC Car Charger

  • Finally a mounting bracket kit to keep it all safe and secure. The complete package - ready to take you anywhere.
ArkPak $ 449.00
12V DC - DC Car Charger $ 94.95
ArkPak Mounting Bracket $ 14.95
Normally $ 558.90
Hurry only available until March 1st Only $ 399.00
You Save $159.90

The ArkPak Portable Power Source

Place a 12V battery inside, and the ArkPak becomes a 12V battery charger, a portable 110V and 12V power station, a battery management system, a jump starter and a dual-battery system all rolled into one - which can be re-charged in 4 ways, including via Solar Panels and via DC-DC from your vehicle whilst you are on the move.

It is the only Power Pack in the world that accepts a 12V battery size of up to 130ah and will then give you many DAYS of portable power rather than just hours or minutes like other lesser power packs offer (EG: up to 10 days if running a 40 litre fridge/freezer)


  • Built-in 6 amp, 7 stage smart charger
  • Built-in 150 watt inverter with 110V power socket
  • 2 x 10 amp 12V accessory ports
  • 1 x 50 amp Anderson Plug
  • 1 x 5V USB Port
  • Battery Isolator Switch
  • 2 x Protected external high current 100 amp terminals
  • Time tracker technology with LCD Screen
  • Strong easy carry handle
  • Suits all 4 main battery types
  • Suits batteries up to 130ah in size

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 10.2lbs
  • External dimensions: 9.45" wide x 17.32" long x 12.87" high
  • Internal dimensons: 7.08" wide x 13" long x 9.37" high
  • Accepts all main battery types: Gel, Calcium, AGM and Lead Acid
  • Accepts all battery sizes up to 130 amp hour (approx' Group 31 size)


12V DC-DC Car Charger

With the ArkPak DC-DC car charger adaptor, you can also charge your ArkPak directly from your vehicle and run appliances like your in-car fridge or your kids DVD player off it at the same time - giving you a portable, virtual dual battery system at a fraction of the cost of a built-in one. This is especially useful these days as many modern 4WD vehicles do not have room under the bonnet for a second battery.

Using the DC-DC car charger, you simply plug one end into your ArkPak and the other end into the 12V socket in your vehicle and recharge it whilst you drive to your next destination.

Part number: APCC60BUS

ArkPak Mounting Bracket

The ArkPak mounting bracket mounts your ArkPak securely and protects it through the roughest 4WD terrain.

• Allows the ArkPak to be mounted into a vehicle, camper trailer etc.
• Attaches firmly to mounting screw holes in the base of the ArkPak
• Quick release for portability and recharging

  • Item #: APB20BUS1
  • Manufacturer: ArkPak

ArkPak Bundle

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