ARB 63QT Fridge Freezer
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ARB 63QT Fridge Freezer

This ARB 63QT Fridge Freezer can maintain an interior temperature of 0 degrees for true in-vehicle refrigeration and freezing. Holds up to 90 12-ounce cans, and can also accommodate a two-liter bottle.

Continues to actively cool contents while the vehicle is off, and features an adjustable automatic battery protection system that prevents vehicle battery run-down

Includes two power cables: the DC power cable connects to your vehicle's 12/24-volt DC power outlet, and the AC power cable plugs into a standard household AC power outlet

CAPACITY: 63 Quarts (60L) (90 x 12 oz cans)
COOLING CAPACITY: +10°C to -18°C (50°F to 0°F)
WEIGHT: 54lb (24.5kg)
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: H 16.9” x W 17.7” x D 33.3”
(H428mm x W450mm x D845mm)
Dairy/Fruit Compartment: H 5” x W 14” x D 6”
(H126mm x W355mm x D151mm)
Main Compartment: H 12.6” x W 14” x D 18.8”
(H321mm x W355mm x D477mm)
POWER: Built-in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC power
Integrated battery protection system

  • Item #: ARB10800602
  • Manufacturer: ARB

ARB 63QT Fridge Freezer

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