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ARB's Fridge / freezer slider fits the 63 quart and the 82 quart fridge freezers. The fridge slider will fit all makes and model vehicles.

ARB Fridge/Freezer 63QTand 82QT With the imminent release of the extended ARB fridge family, we are pleased to announce a new fridge slide to complement the larger footprint of the 63 and 82Quart fridges. Rated to carry 265lbs this slide may also carry other tools of trade such as a compressor or toolbox.

Manufactured from heavy duty steel, precision laser cut and formed for strength and rigidity, this
new fridge slide features a compact foot print to enable fitment into SUVs Pickups or onto cargo
drawer systems. The new and improved EZ latch mechanism includes a “comfort” plastic coating
and enables the slide to be latched in either a fully open or fully closed position. To accommodate
the larger fridge sizes, the slide extension has been maximized for access to the fridge contents.
The design of the fridge slide incorporates laser cut holes for affixing the slide to the vehicle
(M8 bolts not supplied) affixing the ARB fridge to the slide (M6 bolts from fridge feet) attaching the ARB fridge tie down brackets (M 8 bolts from tie down kit) draining/cleaning the fridge The strategically positioned drain hole matches the ARB fridge enabling you to extend the slide away from the inside of your vehicle and drain the fridge The bearing guides are adjustable and a new feature is the inclusion of adjustable (4 way) anti-vibration pads to prevent rattles. Packed
in a full color box for showroom presentation the fridge slide is backed by a 2 year warranty


Tech Specs
Rated to carry a massive
265lb load
Zinc coated metal substrate
Millennium grey Powder coated exterior
External dimensions LxWxH; 33.5” x 21”x 3.25”
Sliding tray dimensions L x W x H; 32.5”x 17.75”x.79”
Tray height =1.82” from base
Slide extension 25.75”
Net weight 35 lbs


  • Item #: ARB10900022
  • Manufacturer: ARB


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