5" TJ Pro LCG w/ shocks and High Steer
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The TeraFlex PRO LCG suspension system is designed for the aggressive off road enthusiast that wants the best suspension performance for both rock crawling and high speed performance. The PRO system allows the vehicle to tackle the toughest rock crawling trails of Moab, and speed on the dunes at Glamis with balanced suspension movement.

The PRO system is the best Dual-Sport system allowing complete suspension movement, with controlled handling at highway speeds. The PRO system uses the TJ traditional front five-link suspension configuration, but expands the performance. Our front upper arms are over 9" longer than stock arms and will withstand the abuse and stress that are common with extreme trail vehicles. A heavy duty front adjustable trackbar is included in the system to maximize strength in the front axle for superior durability and control during high stress turning and suspension movement.

The rear suspension is the same as the MAX LCG, where the upper factory short arms are replaced by much longer triangulated upper arms with a top mounted truss at the axle, eliminating the need for a rear trackbar. The rear upper bracketry features an industry innovation with an adjustable anti-squat bracket that allows users to fine tune their suspension to their needs and desires. LCG stands for Low Center of Gravity, a focal point of Tera since its beginning.

  • Fits 1997 to 2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler and Rubicon
  • Pro LCG
  • Suspension Lift System
  • 5 in. Lift
  • w/High Steer
  • Incl. 9550 Shocks
  • Front Upper Long Arms
  • Adjustable Track Bar
  • Bracketry
  • Item #: TERAF1249570
  • Manufacturer: TeraFlex

5" TJ Pro LCG w/ shocks and High Steer

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